Cargo platforms for sales and industry



Large dimension goods require specialized equipment to ensure their safe and comfortable vertical transportation. Global Lift’s cargo lifts are a great solution. We provide a wide selection of modern goods platforms, which perfectly fit the equipment of a warehouse, store, or any other industrial building.

The cargo platforms we distribute are designed for vertical transportation of large-size cargo to considerable heights. Their quality and design allow efficient operation even in demanding conditions.

Global Lift offers cargo lifts such as:

Car platforms

Cargo platforms with an entrance

Cargo platforms

Scissors-type lifts

Every cargo lift is a machine with technical parameters ensuring lifting capacity up to 10,000 kg, able to lift up 24 meters vertically.

Optionally, goods lifts can be equipped with a cabin – depending on how you are planning on using them. In case of doubt as to choose the right product – Please contact us if you are not sure which product to choose.

Safety and efficiency
In the construction industry what matters are safety and comfort, but efficiency as well. The product that meets these conditions when working in large warehouses, shops or halls, are cargo lifts from Global Lift. Our lifts will not disappoint as they ensure smooth operation even when the loads are heavy (up to 10 tons) and the work cycles are long.

Soundless work

We have many cargo platform models that work at optimum speed and efficiency, ensuring acoustic comfort of their performance.

An indirect hydraulic drive, rope or chains shifting and minimum nominal load of 200 kg/m2 are their main features. Their speed was up to 0.1 m/s, 0.2 m/s, or 0.3 m/s (HO model), and their noise level is below 70 dB(A) at the same time. Working quietly means safety and comfort for employees and no interference with the work of a warehouse or a store.

Adapted to your needs

We know that a cargo lift must work well with the specificity of a building. Which is why the size of a platform is adapted to the Client’s technical requirements. Regardless of where you want the platform to be installed, please contact us and we will find the best solution together.

Loading safety

The lifting device is designed to be a part of the building. There are safety measures implemented on all sides of the platform, suitable for the type of load being lifted, that protect against tipping over or being pulled while the lift operates.

European quality

Our products are manufactured in Europe and have declarations of conformity. When buying one of our products, the Client can be sure that it is a reliable piece of equipment with adequate technical specifications.

We operate not only in Warsaw, but also throughout Poland and abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get detailed information about our offer.