Platforms for Disabled, vertical make it possible to transport the disabled wheelchair users and those with mobility problems. They are designed for public and private buildings.

  • Anti-Blackout System
  • High energy-efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • No need for an engine room

We have platforms with different types of drives and performance, but all of them are extremely useful and comfortable to use.

Electric drive machines:

Our electric platforms use as much energy as a LIGHT BULB.


  • Anti-Blackout System
    The battery makes it possible to use the platform also when there is no electricity, up to 60 runs.
  • High energy-efficiency
    Thanks to its technology, the platform can be as efficient as a hydraulic version, but using 1/3 less energy. 

  • Low power consumption
    Unlike hydraulic versions, using up to 3kW power, the platform requires the electrical power in the range of 0.07 kW to 0.12 kW. This means that the platform can be used without shutting down any other electric household appliances.
  • Comfort and precision in driving
  • No need for an engine room

When using a platform, there is no need to dedicate a separate, additional space for hydraulic units and switchboard, because the electric motor is in the shaft and the control panel is integrated with the doors of the upper stop.

Hydraulic drive machines:

Perfect to move freely inside and outside low-rise building. The comfort of driving is ensured.
The installation of Global Lift’s lifting platforms for disabled can be done on a bearing wall, using special mounting brackets attached to the wall or by using a metal structure that makes it possible to install the platform on any surface.

It is possible to install the platform even in extremely small staircases. In reality, models of our platforms are designed and manufactured according to the „made for measure” rule, making the most of the space.

The shaft of maximum 14 meters can serve up to 5 floors; it is completely safe and done in accordance with the surrounding architectural elements, ensuring its full customization to the Client’s needs.

Possible configurations:

  • Lifting capacity: from 385 to 250 kg.
  • Speed: max 0.15 m/s.
  • Number of stops: max. 5.
  • Lift shaft top: minimum 2.50 m or 2.70 m.
  • Lifting up to 14 meters high.
  • vLift-pit: minimum 0.12/0.15 m.

  • Standard cassette.
  • “Soft” start and stop.
  • Self-leveling up to 20 mm.
  • Single phase power supply 220/240 V, 50 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 1,5 to 2,9 kW.
  • Safety locks.
  • Standard: plastic locker, in colors to be chosen from our palette.
  • Made-to-measure products with minimum or maximum dimensions of cabins, depending on the space available.
  • To be installed both in brick or metal shafts.
  • Filled with glass, panels, and lacquered sheets.
  • Landing doors, metal, single, painted, anticorrosive. Models: windowless, with a window, with a panoramic window.


The disabled have special problems with mobility when it comes to multi-floor buildings. A solution that ensures full mobility and independence – an appropriately suited platform for the disabled. A passenger lift that ensures smooth, comfortable and safe movement between the floors.

With the needs of the disabled in mind, we offer lift for the disabled, as well as a platform for the disabled, for those in wheelchairs and those with other motor-related problems.

Technological solutions we use will work in private houses as well as public buildings, such as shops, offices, hotels and others.

The highest quality of the structure, the simplicity of operation and safety – these are the characteristics of our lifts for the disabled.

Lifts for disabled

Our platforms were designed to alleviate the problems with moving upstairs or downstairs. They actively eliminate barriers and inconveniences in public buildings and private residencies.

The lifts for the disabled people offered by Global Lift stand out thanks to:

  • a relatively slower speed: max. 0.15 m/s;
  • lifting up to 12 meters high vertically;
  • maximum load between 225 and 400 kg, depending on the model;
  • wide entrance – mostly 80 or 90 cm; the doors may be front, back, on one side or in the front and in the back at the same time;
  • not much space is needed: the lift does not require a separate room and the electric/hydraulic panel fits a compact box of 80 x 35 x 156 cm.

Equally good technical parameters are to be said about the chair lifts.

Therefore, our passenger lifts are:

  • quiet: working soundlessly, which is of special importance in residential buildings;
  • comfort: whether it is a lift installed next to the stairs or a lift for the disabled people – their operation does not require much from the user;
  • safe: solid structure, foolproof quality of all the components and appropriate safety measure minimize the risk of accident when operating the machine.

We also offer:

  • lifts for the disabled;
  • stairlift platforms;
  • vertical platforms;
  • chair lifts installed on the stairs, e.g. inside houses.

We have a wide range of stair platforms and complete passenger lifts.

We operate not only in Warsaw, but also throughout Poland and abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get detailed information about a product or get our experts’ help with choosing the right one.

Global Lift ensures that the sizes of the platforms are adjusted to our Client’s needs – making necessary measurements before in the place where the platform or lift is to be installed.

We operate in Poland and abroad.

We sell platforms for the disabled in Poland and abroad. We are at your disposal regardless of where you want the platform or the lift to be installed.

We ensure:

  • professional technical advice when choosing a platform: our experts are trustworthy and earnest to help you choose the best solution for your building;
  • smooth ordering process: both when it comes to the transportation as well as its professional installation;
  • punctuality and promptness of the provided services;
  • competitive prices.

Please contact us to set up a meeting and take necessary measurements:

Also, please visit our YouTube channel to see our projects, lifts and platforms in real conditions.

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